Tommie tries to slay the Diesel’s big black dragon

MDFN_060928_Tommie_Pic1.jpg MDFN_060928_Tommie_Pic2.jpg MDFN_060928_Tommie_Pic3.jpg MDFN_060928_Tommie_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Tommie
Movie Length: 27min 32sec
Tommie showed up with some treats All of which came between the sheets Cuz this ho’s addicted to monster meat That damn near hangs down to your feet! That’s why she loves Shane’s donkeycock Every time they fuck her poon she goes into orgasmic shock!! You don’t wanna miss this horny white bitch, to Blackzilla’s big cock her pussy will hitch, He fills her full as a dream until her vah jay jay is loaded up with black man cream!

This pigtailed daughter Gets Blacked by The Zilla!

MDBZ_070307_Vanessa_Pic1.jpg MDBZ_070307_Vanessa_Pic2.jpg MDBZ_070307_Vanessa_Pic3.jpg MDBZ_070307_Vanessa_Pic4.jpg
Starring: Vanessa Lynn
Movie Length: 37min 49sec
SHIT!!! This girl is on FIRE!!!! Watch her glide her big fat ass up and down over Shane’s massive member (once she warmed up and stretched out her pussy of course!) She’s scared that her white family might find out she fucked a black dude, but not so scared that she’ll turn down the fuck of her sweet young life!